A year unlike


A message from Chairman Ann Smead and President Mike Imhof. (Please scroll down to view our Board of Directors & Life Trustees).

Hello and welcome to the 2020 Vail Valley Foundation Digital Annual Report.

We are excited to bring you an interactive, in-depth look at our year … and what a year it was.

This has been the most difficult year in memory for our organization and our community. There is one positive result of such times: we see, beyond a shadow of a doubt, whether or not we possess those great virtues of resiliency and adaptability.

In 1981, the Vail Valley Foundation was created in order to serve the needs of the community, and to do so with the flexibility and nimble nature that only this organization can bring. As our community’s needs have changed, so has our organization. Never have the needs changed so swiftly as they did in 2020.

Our ability to adapt to take on new challenges was put to the test. Because of YOU, we were able to pass this test with flying colors.

Because of YOU

The theme of this annual report is Because of YOU. We do everything we do because of YOU … and who are you? You are the people of this unique community; our supporters, athletes, volunteers, students and families, friends and neighbors, and our exceptionally generous donors.

We encourage you to read through this annual report and see the stories, enjoy the photos and videos, review the financials, and celebrate the people that tell the story of this incredible year.

To remember this era

It is a year, admittedly, that we are looking forward to leaving behind. And yet, within the pages of this report, you will see the character of this community, exposed by the strong winds of this pandemic, to reveal that we have the strength to come together and take on any challenge that comes our way now or far into the future.

We want to remember this time so that future generations can be inspired when they, too, inevitably face a crisis.

To that end, we created a special essay entitled VVF: The Story of Our Year, 2020. Please take the time to read this seven-part essay. Within it, you will find all the many ways YOU inspired and empowered us in 2020.

Exceptional gratitude

Each year we thank our generous Board of Directors, Board committee members, staff, volunteers, teachers, community partners, sponsors, and everyone who comes together to make the Vail Valley Foundation a leading organization for the betterment of this community. Each year, we are sincere in those thanks.

However, this is a year of superlatives, and our appreciation for you is no different: we have never been more grateful. Please accept from both of us, on behalf of everyone at the Vail Valley Foundation, our heartfelt gratitude and thanks.

We look forward to seeing you, and joining with you in leading the way back, in 2021.

Ann Smead, Chairman of the Board, Vail Valley Foundation

Mike Imhof, President, Vail Valley Foundation



Vail Valley Citizen of the Year

Sheika Gramshammer

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Vail Valley Volunteer of the Year

Joanna Kerwin

For her many contributions to multiple organizations in our community, this year, the Vail Valley Foundation announced that Joanna Kerwin is the 2020 recipient of the Vail Valley Volunteer of the Year award.

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